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Claiming GST when using Airbnb’s for Business Travel

Shelley Yeates
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If you stay in Airbnb accommodation for business purposes, there could be issues as to whether GST is claimable on this expense.  For a business to claim the accommodation expense for GST purposes, a GST tax invoice is required.  Airbnb’s platform connects the guest with the host, so any receipt received from Airbnb is usually just for the administration services only, not the accommodation.  If you want an invoice, you need to contact the host directly.

If the host isn’t registered for GST, you won’t be charged GST, so won’t be able to claim GST.  If the host is registered for GST you can request a GST invoice.  If they are registered for GST, they must provide you with a tax invoice within 28 days of being requested.

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