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Xero Users Tip - Quick Login

Xero Users Tip - Quick Login

Shelley Yeates
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Here’s a tip to help speed up the process of logging in to Xero and to avoid having to enter both your username and your password.


Open Chrome and type in the website:

https://login.xero.com/?username =

After the “=” sign in the website address, you need to type your own personal Xero username, which is your email address.  The website address will then read along the lines of:



Press enter and you should be at the Xero login screen, but with your email address already pre-populated in the username area.


Before entering your password, save this screen as a Bookmark.  To do this:

  1. Click on the star icon to the right of the website address,

  2. Name it “Xero login”,

  3. Choose the folder to save this bookmark to,

  4. Done.

Now each time you want to login to Xero, use this Bookmark and you will only need to enter your password to proceed.

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